Week 8 First Impression Prompts: Option 2

Taking the emotion test made me realize one thing: I suck at reading faces. I was pretty hopeless distinguishing the emotions. I could tell the difference between basic things like happy and sad but beyond that I had no idea. The hardest for me was embarrassment. I was 0 for 2 with that. It was hard to tell that apart from sadness and shame because people seem to make similar faces for those three emotions. I also had problems distinguishing between love, compassion and desire. Again, the faces all seemed similar to me. I think the test accurately reflects my ability to read emotions. The expectations for this test were definitely low to say the least and my result backed that up. That being said, I started to do a lot better towards the end after reading the explanations after every question. I was able to start taking the emotion test like an actual test and that improved my score. The information I learned from taking this test could definitely be applied in real life. Now that I have a better idea of what the emotions look like, I may be able to figure out how my friends are feeling without them having to tell me. I thought the test was pretty credible but it seemed like the faces in it were trying to clearly show one emotion. In real life, people are not going to make it that obvious so it may not be a true measurement to how good someone is at reading emotions. My suggestion to improve the test would be to add in some more subtle faces instead of ones trying to make it obvious.


One thought on “Week 8 First Impression Prompts: Option 2

  1. It’s good to know that once you started to read the explanations at the end of the questions, your score started improving. It could be gathered from this then that the ability to read faces is not a fixed skill, rather one that can be build upon and made better with practice. It was hard to gauge the reliability of the test, considering that a lot of the faces and attributes of emotions seemed pretty similar to each other, but maybe that could be trying to be more accurate, in showing that faces in real life will not be as sharply pointed out as they were in this test. Also, emotions happen in real time, so I think showing gifs or videos would have been more helpful in showing more subtlty, as you suggested.


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