Week 7 First Impression Posts: Option 2

I definitely agree with the idea that most college students are sleep deprived. At college, it almost feels like sleep takes a back seat to just about everything else which is not healthy at all. That’s just the way it is though, there is way too much to focus on and still get enough sleep every night. I try to put an emphasis on getting enough sleep each night but it does not always work out. Currently, I’m probably getting about 6 and a half to 7 hours of sleep each night. From what I’ve heard, 8 hours is the ideal amount of sleep so I’m about an hour short. The lack of sleep does not affect me during the day so I do not see it as a problem. One sleep habit I am trying to change is looking at my phone right before bed. I’ll always find myself either on social media or watching shows for a while before bed. This can get really bad during times when I’m binge watching a show on Netflix. I will stay up an extra hour or so sometimes just because I want to keep watching. Not only does this take away from my sleeping time, but staring at the screen can make it harder for me to fall asleep. Because of that, I am making an effort to cut down on my phone use before bed. I think 6 and a half to 7 hours of sleep is a realistic goal for college students. College can demand a lot out of students so a full 8 hours of sleep seems unrealistic to me.


3 thoughts on “Week 7 First Impression Posts: Option 2

  1. Ben, I one hundred percent agree with what you have to say. I think the main reason why students and young adults don’t get enough sleep at night is because of social media. Everyone is constantly wondering what everyone else is up to and what they are doing. I myself am one of those people. Every night before I go to sleep I always look at my phone and scroll through my applications on my phone such as Snapchat and Instagram. These are two social media apps and websites that almost half of the teenage population and young adults participate in. Young adults and teenagers should be getting about 9 to 10 hours of sleep every night but most of them don’t. And if you do get that much sleep every night you perfect and awesome. But all jokes aside I’m starting to take my sleep schedule very much more seriously. I notice that my mood and my focus is affected very much when I don’t get the right amounts of sleep every night. Sometimes I go to bed at 12 am sometimes at 3 am, it all depends on what I did that day and what time I woke up in the morning. If I had to recommend sleep advice to a high school student, it would be to not look at your phone after a certain time. I personally have been doing this the past 3 nights and it actually has helped a little bit. It didn’t make my sleep more comfortable, it just made it faster too fall asleep.


  2. I agree, students are not getting enough sleep and It is bad for our health. Your brain needs time to rest and revere and that is done with a good nights rest. I get around 7 hours a sleep like you but wish I got more. I always watch shows and go on social media before bed. Also before I go to sleep I put on the tv and fall asleep with the tv on. I heard thats not good of you because your brain keeps working but in my opinion it helps me. I also agree that 8 hours of sleep is hard to achieve but as long as you get 6,7 1/2, and 9 ours you should be fine. As of right now if it is not affecting you I would not change your sleep cycle unless you start feeling drowsy and exhausted.


  3. Ben,
    Congratulations on getting about six and a half to seven hours of sleep every night! Just as we talked about in class, you should be aiming for about six or seven and a half hours per night as that would allow you the 90 minute intervals to go through your sleep cycles completely. By waking up after six or seven and a half hours, you may be disrupting your sleep cycle by waking up during your deep sleep stage and not allowing your final REM cycle to be completed; this would cause you to wake up feeling groggy and more tired than before you went to sleep.

    I also believed that the standard amount of hours we should be sleeping at night was eight, but now I can see how that is not the case, as eight hours would not allow the full 90 minute intervals to take place.

    As for your phone use and Netflix watching, it makes sense as to why that might be making it difficult for you to sleep at night. Blue light, which tends to be the main light that is omitted from technological screens, suppresses melatonin production, which promotes sleep in the body. It is advised that to wake up refreshed, you refrain from looking and using techological screens at least 30 minutes before you go to sleep. Therefore, it is great that you are trying to break that habit all on your own!

    Great job on your response, and I hope that fixing your sleep schedule works out for you!


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