First Impression: Memory

Study habits have always been a sort of problem for me. In high school, I never had a problem with studying except for a few math tests. Every class would give us a study guide that outlined everything that was on the test. We would fill it out, review it in class and then the night before the test, I would look at it for an hour and go to bed. Once college came around all of that changed and I am still working on an effective way to study. My studying style varies depending on what class it is. For a math class, I will do problems from the textbook or on a review sheet. So far that strategy has worked well. I run into issues when studying for other classes like psychology or marketing. I usually read my notes from class and read the chapters of the textbook. That can be an issue because it probably is not the most efficient way to study. It’s time consuming and can be a real problem when I have multiple tests to prepare for. This got highlighted last week with the psychology test. To be honest, I barely studied. It was a week when I had 4 tests and a quiz and I did not manage my time well. I waited to study and when studying for some of the other tests took longer than I expected, I found myself with little time to study for psychology. Again, I just read my notes and read chapter 1 and 4. I don’t even think I retained much from studying anyway and I paid the price on the test. For the next test, things are going to have to change. I’m not going to wait until the last day to study. My plan is to review a chapter per day. That will let me read over everything in detail. On top of that. I may try to make flash cards for the important parts of each chapter or even look for a quizlet online. No matter what, I need to put more effort towards studying for the next test.


One thought on “First Impression: Memory

  1. I had a similar issue as you did when I transitioned from high school to college. I barely studied in high school because most concepts came naturally to me, but I learned that this would not fly with college classes and exams. I’m sorry about the 4 exams in one week, that couldn’t have been a very productive week with how stressed you must have been, but I hope that doesn’t happen again! I like your idea of studying one chapter per day before the exam. I think that it would definitely help make sure you understand each individual concept since you are solely dedicating that day to that one chapter, no more than that. I’m glad to see you take initiative on studying for the next exam and I’m confident that if you stick to your plan, it will turn out better for you.


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